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IMDB – you just made the list

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I have to say Ive loved IMDB for years, Ive been using it since way before amazon bought it out, when it was still a volunteer site. Unfortunately, today was my last day on IMDB.

I can live with their ads, ads keep a site alive by providing revenue to pay for their costs. I deliberately do not block in-page ads because I like to support sites I visit and allow them to make a fair living, and I click on ads that interest me. But, I have clicked the button on Firefox that says ‘block popup ads’. And they have written some code to make some links open in a new window (a perfectly legitimate thing for a browser to do in many circumstances), and then redirect the previous page to the page I wanted, while the new window becomes an ad. Hooray for them, they’ve just circumvented my popup blocking choice.

IMDB, let me ask you, HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL THANK YOU FOR THIS? Really, when you bypass someones preferences, do you think it will put them in a shiny happy mood, ready to click on your ads and buy the products advertised? Or is it going to piss them off? I think the answer is pretty fricking obvious.

So, I’m voting with my feet here, and will no longer be visiting IMDB. Its a shame, cos its a great site. However, in reality, Wikipedia has most of the information, and doesn’t have features that bypass my specific browser settings.