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Washing machines: Rant 2 – machines enter bizarro-world

Friday, January 8th, 2010

OK so after the crap I got from Argos, I am buying a new washing machine. And so, looking at the available machines, I am going for a brand I know and trust, not just the cheapest.

And so I settle – initially on the Hotpoint WDL520. Seems OK, except for – wait a minute…

  • Wash Load Capacity – 7kg
  • Drying Capacity – 5kg
  • What the – after a wash you are supposed to take 28% of the wash out of the machine and drop it on the floor or something while the rest dries… WHY WHY WHY would they make a machine that has such a stupid problem.

    But it gets better. Looking at the advanced technical information:

  • Water consumption – wash, spin and dry: 180 litres/cycle.
  • Water consumption – wash and spin only: 62 litres/cycle.
  • Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that it takes 118 litres of water to dry clothes, but only 62 to wash them. HOW can it use water to DRY things. Even some kind of heat exchange wouldn’t take that much water! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!


    Washing machines: Rant 1

    Friday, January 8th, 2010

    So, I bought a brand new Servis washing machine from Argos in August 2008. In the following 12 months it brokw down FIVE TIMES. Each time it needed parts replacing. Often the same part. Argos was very good about replacing the parts but refused to return it for a different model.

    When a brand new washing machine breaks down 5 times in its first 12 months – IT IS A LEMON!

    So, when it breaks down again, this time at 14 months, Argos says ‘no way, we dont care’ when I ask them to repair it again.

    The fact that the last repair is only 3 months old and it is doing the same damned thing AGAIN, means their repair didn’t last. After an hour on the phone to them, I just gave up.

    What I would love, is if someone with a van could take the machine to Argos in Nottingham for me, and dump it, still full of soapy water, in the middle of their sales floor. That would make my day.

    However, I’ll just have to settle for never shopping there again.