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Custarding of Mandelson

Friday, March 6th, 2009

A protester seems to have, today, thrown a load of custard powder at a British MP in protest about a new runway at Heathrow. She is reported to have said that members of the government were ‘unaccountable to the public and had sided with big business against the interests of the public’ in the matter of building a new runway.

Hold on, do you want to THINK for a moment you stupid stupid woman. If UK businesses in the area need a third runway, what do you think they need it for? Plane-spotting? Do you think we just have too much concrete and need to get rid of some? Or is it possibly for business reasons, making these businesses able to do more business which will make them able to grow and to – wait YES – EMPLOY MORE PEOPLE. Because obviously employing more people is bad for the ‘interests of the public’, cos we’d all love to be unemployed.

Just because some hundreds of people may be inconvenienced, maybe some of them will have to move house, think of the millions who will benefit. The jobs, the economic boost, and people able to feed their children. Now stop being so selfish about a strip of concrete and do something useful with your life, protest on sensible things when you have thought them through to the end of the process, rather then running screaming into the attack every time you have a kneejerk reaction about the first stage of a process!