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Attack on the Sri-Lankan cricket team

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Well, my first rant is aimed at the Sri-Lankan cricket team. Kudos to them for actually trying to play cricket in Pakistan, dispite the problems, and I hope they catch the gunmen that tried to shoot up their bus. But now they all need a DAMNED GOOD SLAP.

One of the team coaches was just interviewed on TV, saying that he was disgusted that the security was so lapse that it could happen, and where were all the police? Almost a fair comment, until you look and see that SIX police were KILLED saving the team’s collective asses. Where were the police? BETWEEN YOU AND THE BULLETS – DYING!

Followed up by an interview with one of the cricket players saying he was ‘glad to be back in Sri-Lanka and happy nobody was seriously hurt’. Except for the six police and one driver killed! Those people DIED to keep you safe, show a bit of goddamn respect and gratitude for these people and their families!