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Weather prediction for the hard of thinking

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Right, I start this rant off in the full knowledge that weather prediction is tricky. It is a dark art at best, pure guesswork at worst.

But sometimes, you have to stop and look at the weather services and think – what the hell…

Lets take the BBC weather website yesterday.

Their daily overview for my area said: ‘Heavy Snow’

OK fine, heavy snow. When is that. Lets click to the hourly breakdown and see when I should expect to have to deal with heavy snow.

Errr, each one of the breakdown predictions shows no snow. HOW can the main overview of the day be heavy snow, when there is no snow! You contradict yourself!

Today on

For my area, the daily temperature range is -7 to +5

No problem. Except, wait, the hourly breakdown shows temperature in an hour to be -9


I mean, I understand it isn’t a hard science but you are making it up! You cant even agree with what you said on the last page!