Washing machines: Rant 2 – machines enter bizarro-world

January 8th, 2010

OK so after the crap I got from Argos, I am buying a new washing machine. And so, looking at the available machines, I am going for a brand I know and trust, not just the cheapest.

And so I settle – initially on the Hotpoint WDL520. Seems OK, except for – wait a minute…

  • Wash Load Capacity – 7kg
  • Drying Capacity – 5kg
  • What the – after a wash you are supposed to take 28% of the wash out of the machine and drop it on the floor or something while the rest dries… WHY WHY WHY would they make a machine that has such a stupid problem.

    But it gets better. Looking at the advanced technical information:

  • Water consumption – wash, spin and dry: 180 litres/cycle.
  • Water consumption – wash and spin only: 62 litres/cycle.
  • Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that it takes 118 litres of water to dry clothes, but only 62 to wash them. HOW can it use water to DRY things. Even some kind of heat exchange wouldn’t take that much water! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!


    Washing machines: Rant 1

    January 8th, 2010

    So, I bought a brand new Servis washing machine from Argos in August 2008. In the following 12 months it brokw down FIVE TIMES. Each time it needed parts replacing. Often the same part. Argos was very good about replacing the parts but refused to return it for a different model.

    When a brand new washing machine breaks down 5 times in its first 12 months – IT IS A LEMON!

    So, when it breaks down again, this time at 14 months, Argos says ‘no way, we dont care’ when I ask them to repair it again.

    The fact that the last repair is only 3 months old and it is doing the same damned thing AGAIN, means their repair didn’t last. After an hour on the phone to them, I just gave up.

    What I would love, is if someone with a van could take the machine to Argos in Nottingham for me, and dump it, still full of soapy water, in the middle of their sales floor. That would make my day.

    However, I’ll just have to settle for never shopping there again.



    AVOID: Fairdene guesthouse, Dorking, RH4

    August 26th, 2009

    My review of a B&B I had the misfortune of staying in for 3 mights this week…


    The owner admitted that my hairbrush was found outside my room because a dog had gone into my room and started playing with it.

    On a different night, my room had been left unlocked so anyone could get in

    On a separate occasion all doors were not just unlocked, they were wide open, including the front door. I walked into my room with no key needed, unchallenged, and took my £1,000 laptop from my room. I could have been anyone.

    When I decided to leave early and request a refund for the unused night, because of these problems, the owner became aggressive and threatening. Refund was refused, and I left the building without so as to avoid a possible incident.



    O2 network outage

    July 22nd, 2009

    So, right now I am unable to use my rather expensive iphone as anything more than a small brick, due to an 18 hour outage of the O2 data network.

    You know, O2, I wouldn’t mind, Im a techie, I know how things can break, but when your service status page says – oh wait, you don’t even have a service status page, I have to find information third hand from the internet. Of course if I called your customer service line – no wait, thats so busy I get routed to people that have no clue whats going on. I paid 400 pounds for this phone, the least I expect is for you to tell me why it isn’t working and en expected repair time when its broken at your end.

    O2 – YOU SUCK!


    Idiot Drivers

    April 2nd, 2009

    As a pedestrian, many things that drivers do annoy me, probably top of my list are ones that turn without signaling, or who go round roundabouts without signaling.

    Take tonight for example, I was walking the 15 minute walk to a resteraunt to eat, and in that period, TWO drivers came off a roundabout without signalling causing me to have to jump out of their way when I assumed, silly me, that they were taking the next exit instead of the one they were failing to signal for.

    Why the hell is it that polise spend millions on speed cameras to catch speeders when they spend, it seems to me, borderline NOTHING catching people who do the far MORE dangerous act of navigating roundabouts without signaling. Dangerous for other drivers, FAR more dangerous for pedestrians.

    I am so tempted to go take a video camera and record 20 minutes of morons and send it to the police, see if they even care when the evidence is handed to them on a plate.


    Chocolate Tax

    March 12th, 2009

    The UK is currently considering a tax on chocolate, apparently as a way to reduce health problems caused by an overweight population.

    Obviously as taxes on smoking and drinking worked (yeah right), this is going to work just about as well. Or lets face it, this is just yet another way of the government to tax people and say its for ourown good. On the plus side, no government will be able to pass a law like this without being chucked out of office next election. YOU DONT MESS WITH OUR CHOCOLATE!


    Facebook Insanity

    March 12th, 2009

    So, a friend of mine today, on facebook, posted a long story about some poor guy she works with, who was at the gym and suffered a serious heart event and died for several minutes before being revived. The guy was then taken to hospital where he spent days under observation, having tests done, stuff like that.

    So, now comes the stupid part. Someone responds to the facebook comment saying that they dont agree with the diagnosis that the Dr’s made, and the guy should get a second opinion.

    COME ON! The guy spent DAYS in hospital being poked and prodded and tested by highly trained doctors, cardiac specialists and who knows what else using million dollar machines to do the tests. And you expect him to say ‘Well thats not right, I want a second opinion because someone on facebook said so’…


    IMDB – you just made the list

    March 8th, 2009

    I have to say Ive loved IMDB for years, Ive been using it since way before amazon bought it out, when it was still a volunteer site. Unfortunately, today was my last day on IMDB.

    I can live with their ads, ads keep a site alive by providing revenue to pay for their costs. I deliberately do not block in-page ads because I like to support sites I visit and allow them to make a fair living, and I click on ads that interest me. But, I have clicked the button on Firefox that says ‘block popup ads’. And they have written some code to make some links open in a new window (a perfectly legitimate thing for a browser to do in many circumstances), and then redirect the previous page to the page I wanted, while the new window becomes an ad. Hooray for them, they’ve just circumvented my popup blocking choice.

    IMDB, let me ask you, HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL THANK YOU FOR THIS? Really, when you bypass someones preferences, do you think it will put them in a shiny happy mood, ready to click on your ads and buy the products advertised? Or is it going to piss them off? I think the answer is pretty fricking obvious.

    So, I’m voting with my feet here, and will no longer be visiting IMDB. Its a shame, cos its a great site. However, in reality, Wikipedia has most of the information, and doesn’t have features that bypass my specific browser settings.


    Custarding of Mandelson

    March 6th, 2009

    A protester seems to have, today, thrown a load of custard powder at a British MP in protest about a new runway at Heathrow. She is reported to have said that members of the government were ‘unaccountable to the public and had sided with big business against the interests of the public’ in the matter of building a new runway.

    Hold on, do you want to THINK for a moment you stupid stupid woman. If UK businesses in the area need a third runway, what do you think they need it for? Plane-spotting? Do you think we just have too much concrete and need to get rid of some? Or is it possibly for business reasons, making these businesses able to do more business which will make them able to grow and to – wait YES – EMPLOY MORE PEOPLE. Because obviously employing more people is bad for the ‘interests of the public’, cos we’d all love to be unemployed.

    Just because some hundreds of people may be inconvenienced, maybe some of them will have to move house, think of the millions who will benefit. The jobs, the economic boost, and people able to feed their children. Now stop being so selfish about a strip of concrete and do something useful with your life, protest on sensible things when you have thought them through to the end of the process, rather then running screaming into the attack every time you have a kneejerk reaction about the first stage of a process!


    Attack on the Sri-Lankan cricket team

    March 4th, 2009

    Well, my first rant is aimed at the Sri-Lankan cricket team. Kudos to them for actually trying to play cricket in Pakistan, dispite the problems, and I hope they catch the gunmen that tried to shoot up their bus. But now they all need a DAMNED GOOD SLAP.

    One of the team coaches was just interviewed on TV, saying that he was disgusted that the security was so lapse that it could happen, and where were all the police? Almost a fair comment, until you look and see that SIX police were KILLED saving the team’s collective asses. Where were the police? BETWEEN YOU AND THE BULLETS – DYING!

    Followed up by an interview with one of the cricket players saying he was ‘glad to be back in Sri-Lanka and happy nobody was seriously hurt’. Except for the six police and one driver killed! Those people DIED to keep you safe, show a bit of goddamn respect and gratitude for these people and their families!