Oh Amazon recommendations, I hate you

Amazon recommendations used to be a handy tool for suggesting things I may have forgotten to buy or add to my wishlist. But they have just gone over the top in trying to extract the most tenuous links between things and shoving them on the list, making it utterly useless.

It suggests things I bought from other peoples wishlists – WHY – it was obviously not for me, why would I want the second one in the set?!?

It suggests things I already bought in Blu-ray – maybe I’d like them on DVD too?

I clicked on ‘not interested’ on a film in DVD, refresh the page, maybe I wanted it in bluray. No, not interested. How about the second film in the set? NO. In Bluray? NO STOP ASKING ME ABOUT THE SAME THINGS.

Wow, I added a film to my wishlist, hows about THIS suggestion that has no relation whatsoever to the one I added other than it came out within 5 years.

Because you added ‘Sherlock Holmes [DVD 2009] to your wish list, maybe you would like – ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ – what the hell? Their common link? They are both films I guess. I can’t see a single thing they have in common. Really.

Amazon – BUY A CLUE!


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