FFS – Facebook is NOT dangerous!

I cant believe the hassle facebook is getting for the fact that one person was killed after being tricked into meeting someone they shouldnt have, and how facebook is being dragged through the mud over it.


Lets look at the stats shall we.

Facebook has 400 million users

Average user spends 55 minutes a day on facebook

The average age of a Facebook user is a bit over 25, so lets say that, on a curve, 15% of users are in the ‘at risk’ age group.

That means 60 million hours of facebook time for kids.

That would mean, as an equivalent, of all the recreation time of all the children in the UK. And one – ONE gets killed. Compared to the much higher number that vanish through means such as walking through a park, or getting into the wrong car. Do we force car manufacturers to add safeguards. Hows about park owners (the government themselves). No. Sure, keeping kids safe is good, but THEY ARENT MADE OF GLASS. You do not need to overprotect kids, just be sensible! Just because it is THE EVIL INTERNETS, it is – looking at those – SAFER for them to be on facebook than roaming the streets.

Get off of facebooks case, deal with REAL PROBLEMS in the world rather than new companies who are easy targets for public outrage because it is a vote winner.

UK Government – YOU SUCK.


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