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Oh I hate micro$oft

Monday, July 21st, 2014

OK so it’s been a while since I posted on here, because I’ve been fairly chilled and not needing to rant.

Today, not so much.

So, I have a copy of windows 7. I don’t like Windows, obviously, but I have it. I need it as the hardware I’m using for some video work only runs on Windows. I have no real choice.

So, Windows.

I install it, I leave it running a 7 hour job doing video processing, and come back to discover that 6 hours into the job, it rebooted itself to do some updates.

*ARGH* wasted me a day. I was angry then, but it just got better and better.

After the updates had happened, it then told me that the key wasn’t valid, I couldn’t activate it. It’s a valid key, the thing is just being broken.

So I have to call them. I have to go through their menu system and entry a FIFTY FOUR DIGIT code, before it then asks me ‘how many computers is this installed on.

So, I sit there, look at it, and wonder if it means including this one, not including this one, is it 0 or 1.

I’m trying to guess which answer I should give, when it tells me to press 1 for one install, 2 for more than one install.

I’m half way through pressing zero at that point, and it registers my keypress, and tells me it’s an invalid option.

So, it then tells me to try again. Press 1 for more two or more, press 2 for just one computer. Note: It’s reversed the options.

I press 2, and it tells me that I can’t activate it on more than one computer, and then hangs up on me.




So, I call back, do it all again, to find that after entering the 54 digit code, that I’ve been locked out.


So I call back again, and press nothing, in the hopes I get through to someone instead.

Hooray, I do. In India.

They can’t understand a word I say. Literally. They claim that the line was full of static. Great, except I’m using skype – which THEY BOUGHT, and which works talking to ANYONE ELSE.

I end up giving up and hanging up. And repeat.


Every time, nope, they have no idea what I’m saying.

At this point I’ve spent almost two hours trying to activate this piece of shit, not to mention the 7 hours work it wasted for me earlier today.


And people wonder why I prefer Linux.