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Oh I hate micro$oft

Monday, July 21st, 2014

OK so it’s been a while since I posted on here, because I’ve been fairly chilled and not needing to rant.

Today, not so much.

So, I have a copy of windows 7. I don’t like Windows, obviously, but I have it. I need it as the hardware I’m using for some video work only runs on Windows. I have no real choice.

So, Windows.

I install it, I leave it running a 7 hour job doing video processing, and come back to discover that 6 hours into the job, it rebooted itself to do some updates.

*ARGH* wasted me a day. I was angry then, but it just got better and better.

After the updates had happened, it then told me that the key wasn’t valid, I couldn’t activate it. It’s a valid key, the thing is just being broken.

So I have to call them. I have to go through their menu system and entry a FIFTY FOUR DIGIT code, before it then asks me ‘how many computers is this installed on.

So, I sit there, look at it, and wonder if it means including this one, not including this one, is it 0 or 1.

I’m trying to guess which answer I should give, when it tells me to press 1 for one install, 2 for more than one install.

I’m half way through pressing zero at that point, and it registers my keypress, and tells me it’s an invalid option.

So, it then tells me to try again. Press 1 for more two or more, press 2 for just one computer. Note: It’s reversed the options.

I press 2, and it tells me that I can’t activate it on more than one computer, and then hangs up on me.




So, I call back, do it all again, to find that after entering the 54 digit code, that I’ve been locked out.


So I call back again, and press nothing, in the hopes I get through to someone instead.

Hooray, I do. In India.

They can’t understand a word I say. Literally. They claim that the line was full of static. Great, except I’m using skype – which THEY BOUGHT, and which works talking to ANYONE ELSE.

I end up giving up and hanging up. And repeat.


Every time, nope, they have no idea what I’m saying.

At this point I’ve spent almost two hours trying to activate this piece of shit, not to mention the 7 hours work it wasted for me earlier today.


And people wonder why I prefer Linux.


The great ash cloud

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Well, for the last 4 days, the UK has been a no-fly-zone. Caused by the eruption of some volcano whose name I can’t spell, in Iceland. Why do they make names so long…

Anyway, so, after a few days of this, the airlines are currently complaining about the amount of money this is costing them, and how they could find no reason to not fly. To give him credit, the test flight done by British Airways was done by their CEO, I can respect a man willing to put his money where his mouth is.

But hold on, they reckon that there is no danger. Err, what about two F18’s in Finland last week, or a group of NATO F16’s this week. Both damaged by the volcanic ash.

If you ask me, if the military, with its vastly overspecced machines, designed for the most extreme conditions, cannot handle it, what on earth makes anyone think that budget airlines, created by the lowest bidder, are going to be able to handle it??

And now they talk about compensation, about how the choice to not fly was unfairly taken out of their hands??

HELLO – the government making this decision is probably losing votes right before a general election because of it, and yet, still they do it. Why, because the SCIENCE suggests they may have a point. The EVIDENCE suggests there is a risk. Now, do we trust the government and the science and the evidence, or do we trust the airlines who, when all is said and done, if they have a crash, will not lose a single penny once the insurance pays out.

All they care is that the money comes in, if they lose a plane or two, oh no, never mind, better than losing the £15M a day that they are losing, right?



Oh Amazon recommendations, I hate you

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Amazon recommendations used to be a handy tool for suggesting things I may have forgotten to buy or add to my wishlist. But they have just gone over the top in trying to extract the most tenuous links between things and shoving them on the list, making it utterly useless.

It suggests things I bought from other peoples wishlists – WHY – it was obviously not for me, why would I want the second one in the set?!?

It suggests things I already bought in Blu-ray – maybe I’d like them on DVD too?

I clicked on ‘not interested’ on a film in DVD, refresh the page, maybe I wanted it in bluray. No, not interested. How about the second film in the set? NO. In Bluray? NO STOP ASKING ME ABOUT THE SAME THINGS.

Wow, I added a film to my wishlist, hows about THIS suggestion that has no relation whatsoever to the one I added other than it came out within 5 years.

Because you added ‘Sherlock Holmes [DVD 2009] to your wish list, maybe you would like – ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ – what the hell? Their common link? They are both films I guess. I can’t see a single thing they have in common. Really.

Amazon – BUY A CLUE!


Weather prediction for the hard of thinking

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Right, I start this rant off in the full knowledge that weather prediction is tricky. It is a dark art at best, pure guesswork at worst.

But sometimes, you have to stop and look at the weather services and think – what the hell…

Lets take the BBC weather website yesterday.

Their daily overview for my area said: ‘Heavy Snow’

OK fine, heavy snow. When is that. Lets click to the hourly breakdown and see when I should expect to have to deal with heavy snow.

Errr, each one of the breakdown predictions shows no snow. HOW can the main overview of the day be heavy snow, when there is no snow! You contradict yourself!

Today on

For my area, the daily temperature range is -7 to +5

No problem. Except, wait, the hourly breakdown shows temperature in an hour to be -9


I mean, I understand it isn’t a hard science but you are making it up! You cant even agree with what you said on the last page!


Washing machines: Rant 2 – machines enter bizarro-world

Friday, January 8th, 2010

OK so after the crap I got from Argos, I am buying a new washing machine. And so, looking at the available machines, I am going for a brand I know and trust, not just the cheapest.

And so I settle – initially on the Hotpoint WDL520. Seems OK, except for – wait a minute…

  • Wash Load Capacity – 7kg
  • Drying Capacity – 5kg
  • What the – after a wash you are supposed to take 28% of the wash out of the machine and drop it on the floor or something while the rest dries… WHY WHY WHY would they make a machine that has such a stupid problem.

    But it gets better. Looking at the advanced technical information:

  • Water consumption – wash, spin and dry: 180 litres/cycle.
  • Water consumption – wash and spin only: 62 litres/cycle.
  • Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that it takes 118 litres of water to dry clothes, but only 62 to wash them. HOW can it use water to DRY things. Even some kind of heat exchange wouldn’t take that much water! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!


    Washing machines: Rant 1

    Friday, January 8th, 2010

    So, I bought a brand new Servis washing machine from Argos in August 2008. In the following 12 months it brokw down FIVE TIMES. Each time it needed parts replacing. Often the same part. Argos was very good about replacing the parts but refused to return it for a different model.

    When a brand new washing machine breaks down 5 times in its first 12 months – IT IS A LEMON!

    So, when it breaks down again, this time at 14 months, Argos says ‘no way, we dont care’ when I ask them to repair it again.

    The fact that the last repair is only 3 months old and it is doing the same damned thing AGAIN, means their repair didn’t last. After an hour on the phone to them, I just gave up.

    What I would love, is if someone with a van could take the machine to Argos in Nottingham for me, and dump it, still full of soapy water, in the middle of their sales floor. That would make my day.

    However, I’ll just have to settle for never shopping there again.



    AVOID: Fairdene guesthouse, Dorking, RH4

    Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

    My review of a B&B I had the misfortune of staying in for 3 mights this week…


    The owner admitted that my hairbrush was found outside my room because a dog had gone into my room and started playing with it.

    On a different night, my room had been left unlocked so anyone could get in

    On a separate occasion all doors were not just unlocked, they were wide open, including the front door. I walked into my room with no key needed, unchallenged, and took my £1,000 laptop from my room. I could have been anyone.

    When I decided to leave early and request a refund for the unused night, because of these problems, the owner became aggressive and threatening. Refund was refused, and I left the building without so as to avoid a possible incident.



    O2 network outage

    Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

    So, right now I am unable to use my rather expensive iphone as anything more than a small brick, due to an 18 hour outage of the O2 data network.

    You know, O2, I wouldn’t mind, Im a techie, I know how things can break, but when your service status page says – oh wait, you don’t even have a service status page, I have to find information third hand from the internet. Of course if I called your customer service line – no wait, thats so busy I get routed to people that have no clue whats going on. I paid 400 pounds for this phone, the least I expect is for you to tell me why it isn’t working and en expected repair time when its broken at your end.

    O2 – YOU SUCK!


    Idiot Drivers

    Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

    As a pedestrian, many things that drivers do annoy me, probably top of my list are ones that turn without signaling, or who go round roundabouts without signaling.

    Take tonight for example, I was walking the 15 minute walk to a resteraunt to eat, and in that period, TWO drivers came off a roundabout without signalling causing me to have to jump out of their way when I assumed, silly me, that they were taking the next exit instead of the one they were failing to signal for.

    Why the hell is it that polise spend millions on speed cameras to catch speeders when they spend, it seems to me, borderline NOTHING catching people who do the far MORE dangerous act of navigating roundabouts without signaling. Dangerous for other drivers, FAR more dangerous for pedestrians.

    I am so tempted to go take a video camera and record 20 minutes of morons and send it to the police, see if they even care when the evidence is handed to them on a plate.


    Facebook Insanity

    Thursday, March 12th, 2009

    So, a friend of mine today, on facebook, posted a long story about some poor guy she works with, who was at the gym and suffered a serious heart event and died for several minutes before being revived. The guy was then taken to hospital where he spent days under observation, having tests done, stuff like that.

    So, now comes the stupid part. Someone responds to the facebook comment saying that they dont agree with the diagnosis that the Dr’s made, and the guy should get a second opinion.

    COME ON! The guy spent DAYS in hospital being poked and prodded and tested by highly trained doctors, cardiac specialists and who knows what else using million dollar machines to do the tests. And you expect him to say ‘Well thats not right, I want a second opinion because someone on facebook said so’…